Changes to the Organization

Hello Everyone 


In order to increase membership numbers for the American Milksheep Association, I have made membership free until 12/31/2018. Anyone that signs up before that date will have free membership until 12/31/2019. Anyone that has already paid for membership will have their membership remain in good standing until 12/31/2020. 


I am also changing the structure of the organization. I aspired to keep it as a non-profit but without other people involved in running the organization, there is no possible way to have it be a non-profit. The organization is now a part of my milking machine business, This allows me to make quicker decisions about the organization and it also allows me to offer discounts on milking equipment to members, something I could not legally do if this were to remain as a non-profit. 


Another thing that is changing is the herdbook and registration. To save on costs, I will not be offering an online database anymore or self-registration. I will keep records in an old fashioned excel spreadsheet and members will contact me when they want to register animals. This change will also reduce the registration fee from $10 to $5. 


If you are interested in signing up as a member, contact me at