Basic Rules for Animal Registration


1. Genetic Background must be filled in for Experimental and Foundation Breeds. Must choose the two primary breeds that make up the background of that sheep. ex. Experimental (EF/AW)


2. Registration of Purebred sheep, that can be registered through other sheep registries, is strongly discouraged. Special allowances will be made for Breed Founders using one or more of the accepted breeds as part of the base stock for their Foundation herd.


3. Each animal to be registered must have a name. Names must be short. Herd names must be registered with the Association. Names cannot be changed after registration is completed. The herd name should be unique and fairly short as the animal's name will begin with the breeder's herd name and the total name, herd name plus animal name, can not exceed 30 letters. In order to avoid duplications the Secretary may offer a substitute name.


4. The breeder of an animal is the person who owns the dam at the time of sire service. If the breeder is not the owner of the sire, a Breeding Certificate  signed by the owner of the sire will be required.


5. When a registered animal is sold, that animal’s certificate must be returned with signed Bill of Sale and the Transfer recorded before its progeny can be registered.


6. Unsound or unworthy individual animals, or those not having the minimum breed characteristics for the breed designation, should not be presented for registry. Such animals will not be registered with this Association. False and unworthy registrations will be cancelled without refund.


7. All animals presented for registration must be assigned a tattoo prior to registration. Year - 2015 (A); 2016 (B); 2017 (C) and following the alphabet with the exception of the letter (I, O, and Q) will be used to designate the year of the animal's birth followed by the number of the animal. For example, if 3 animals are born to a ewe and they are the first 3 animals to be born in the year of 2015, they would be assigned tattoo numbers of A1, A2 and A3. A tattoo for the Herd name must also be chosen. It should be two to three letters or a mixture of numbers and letters to represent your Herd name. Example is if your Herd Name is "Wild Woolies" Your Herd Tattoo would be WW or WOW. The animal specific tattoo for each animal should go in the left ear of the animal. The Herd specific tattoo should go in the right ear of the animal. The animal must be tattooed prior to registration.


8. Only Members of the Association may register animals. The applicant is required to provide the information, signatures and appropriate fee necessary for the completion of the registration.


9. The Association reserves the right to deny or rescind registration of any animal at anytime. This decision may be based on a variety of reasons such as complaints against a breeder and especially their stock, by other Members or reactively, to unforeseen issues during registration of an animal. Any situation regarding refusal or rescission of registration will be viewed objectively and communicated to the breeder before any decision is made.


NB: At this time, almost all adult sheep and ALL lambs can only be registered as Experimental due to unknown backgrounds.


Only Founders may register Animals as Foundation. No lambs can be registered as Foundation as official or unofficial milk testing is required for this breed designation.


No registrations will be made initially for American Milksheep because one of the requirements of this breed designation is that animals be born from 3 generations of Foundation breedings. No lambs can be registered as Foundation as official or unofficial milk testing is required for this breed designation, therefore, only ewes that have lambed would be eligible for this designation.

The above will change as the Breed Designations are established.