Breed Founder Program:


This is the program the association will use to establish the American Milksheep as a breed.


1. Prospective Breed Founders aka Founders will need to provide the association with a plan which summarizes how they will go about developing the breed. The plan should include: Stock Breeds of sheep to be included in the breeding program and basic timelines working towards producing the first American Milksheep.


2. Founders will be listed as Founders in the Member Directory so other members can easily find them. 


3. Acceptance as a Founder is subject to approval by the Association.


4. A one-time $50 fee is required once accepted into the program.


5. Accepted Founders will receive a Certificate to show buyers that they are part of the Founder Program.


6. Founders will receive an Award upon registration of the first American Milksheep produced from their lines.