There are currently 3 breed designations that the Associations recognizes: 

Experimental - Any traditionally milky breed or mix of breeds may be registered under this designation. The largest two component breeds should be listed during registration so that others can know the background of the animal and what their offspring might produce. It should be noted that the Breed Standard is based on the appearance and production of the East Friesian and that should be taken into consideration for those who would like to work towards development of the American Milksheep. Animals that do not meet the minimum breed standard requirements, will not qualify for the other designations.

Purebred Animals are generally not accepted, see Registration rules for more details.

No hairsheep or high percentage hairsheep crosses will be accepted at this time.

List of breeds or breed backgrounds that will be accepted:


EF = East Friesian

IC = Icelandic

LC = Lacaune

RA = Rideau Arcott

AW = Awassi

AS = Assaf

PY = Polypay

TX = Texel

MR = Merino

FS = Finnsheep

Ex. Experimental (EF/LC)



Foundation – Must meet minimum breed standard requirements and maintain them through subsequent generations. Must be Bronze Star Milkers.


While DHI is recommended, unofficial milk records will be accepted for Foundation animals.

Unofficial Milk Records must be submitted as an electronic Excel Spreadsheet.


Ex. Foundation (EF/IC)


American Milksheep – Requires offspring meeting minimum breed standard requirements from at least 3 Generations of Foundation breedings. Requires official DHI testing for milk composition/weight/length of lactation. Must be Gold or Blue Star Milkers. Requires enrollment in National Scrapie Eradication Program.