Minimum requirements:

  • Weight ~150-200 lbs, animals do not need to be weighed and will not be disqualified if outside of that weight range but the goal is to produce medium sized animals that are easy to work with.
  • Ewes must be polled, Rams can be polled or horned.
  • Heads, legs, ears, udders and tails should be naturally clean and free of wool.
  • Ewes should have strong udder ligament attachments.
  • Udders should be wide, even and teats should point downwards.
  • Teats should be large enough to allow for comfortable hand milking.
  • Lactation length should be 160 days or more.*
  • Daily production over 160 day lactation should average 2.8lbs or more.*
  • Animals should have a calm disposition.

Experimentals are exempt from the Breed Standard. Animals registered as Foundation and American Milksheep must meet minimum requirements.

*  Animals registered as American Milksheep have a higher minimum requirement for lactation length and annual milk production starting at a minimum of 800lbs/ 200 days or an average of ~4.0/ day. The minimum accepted annual milk production for all breed designations, will increase over time.