Our Mission:

The mission of this organization is to provide a strong foundation for dairy sheep breeders in the United States of America.

Until now, most of those involved in the dairy sheep industry, were large sheep dairies but in recent years more Americans have become interested in raising dairy sheep at home. While interest in Dairy Sheep increases, establishing sheep as a dairy animal has been difficult. Dairy sheep are not represented by any one organization in the US and are not allowed at many shows where other breeds of sheep are clearly represented and promoted. This has made it difficult for the industry to grab a foothold in America.

This organization hopes to create something concrete to provide support for those looking to expand the dairy sheep market for small scale breeders and create a larger market for the consumption of sheep milk and sheep milk products.

Changes to the Organization

Hello Everyone 


In order to increase membership numbers for the American Milksheep Association, I have made membership free until 12/31/2018. Anyone that signs up before that date will have free membership until 12/31/2019. Anyone that has already paid for membership will have their membership remain in good standing until 12/31/2020. 


I am also changing the structure of the organization. I aspired to keep it as a non-profit but without other people involved in running the organization, there is no possible way to have it be a non-profit. The organization is now a part of my milking machine business, affordablemilkers.com. This allows me to make quicker decisions about the organization and it also allows me to offer discounts on milking equipment to members, something I could not legally do if this were to remain as a non-profit. 


Another thing that is changing is the herdbook and registration. To save on costs, I will not be offering an online database anymore or self-registration. I will keep records in an old fashioned excel spreadsheet and members will contact me when they want to register animals. This change will also reduce the registration fee from $10 to $5. 


If you are interested in signing up as a member, contact me at info@americanmilksheep.org



March 1st, 2015 - Opening Day

The American Milksheep Association is now open for those who are interested.


At this time individuals will be able to:


-Sign up as a member


-Register their Herd name and Tattoo ID


-Register any animals that meet the requirements of the Experimental Breed Designation


Visit http://www.americanmilksheep.org/ to sign up.


Click on the Membership tab and select ‘Become a Member’ to sign up as a Member.


Click on the Registration tab at the top of the screen to read some basic rules about Registration


Click on the About the Breed tab to learn more about goals of the organization and current breed standards.


This organization, website and database are all brand new and this is the first time the database will be available to outside users. There may be bugs in the beginning. Please report any problems you might have while signing up.  Feel free to provide any feedback on the website itself or ask any questions about the organization or how to register. I will be providing more content to this website as time allows. Thanks for everyone’s input and support. I am always looking for people who would like to be more hands on with the organization. If anyone needs to contact me regarding any question or interests in the organization, please email me at info@americanmilksheep.org


For those still looking for basic info on dairy sheep, please visit one of my other websites: http://www.milkingsheep.com/



I look forward to working with all of you to make this organization a success. 



A site for dairy sheep enthusiasts



Check here for updates with the Association.